About Us

Cheyenne Products was founded in 1980, primarily as a domestic manufacturer and assembler of portable lighting. Cheyenne’s philosophy was and is simple – offer innovation, reliability and value to our retail customers. Our business has grown because of our focus on being the best at creating custom programs for major retailers.

Cheyenne’s diverse group of in-house and independent designers allows us to show trend right design that will perform at retail. We strive to offer unique style, finish and function for the end consumer.

Cheyenne’s leadership is built around a core of people with an average of twenty years of experience in the industry. As a result, we are well versed in quality assurance, socially responsible sourcing, logistics, design and retail performance.

Over thirty years after Cheyenne’s inception, our philosophy remains the same – deliver innovation, reliability and value to our retail customers in the form of style, quality, sourcing and execution.